Route: Neman-Sovetsk. Duration: 8-9 hours.

You will go through the entire Kaliningrad region to the East, to the border with the Republic of Lithuania.
You will visit the place where the famous Tilsit peace was concluded. You will see the Queen Louise bridge, the house where the Russian Emperor Alexander I stayed, and hear a fascinating story about the history of Tilsit-Sovetsk. Feel the magic power of the beauty of ancient buildings that were miraculously preserved during the battles.
The ruins of Ragnit castle even today amaze the imagination with the grandiose size and thickness of the walls. It was an Outpost of the German order on the border with Lithuania. Next to the castle is the “Deutsches Haus” cheese factory, where today the tradition of cheese-making associated with the famous Tilsit cheese is being revived. You will learn the secrets of making cheese, personally taste local cheeses. Then you can buy the one you like

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