Route of the tour : Kaliningrad-Ushakovo, Brandenburg castle-Ladushkin-Mamonovo-Fort No. 11 Denhof — Kaliningrad
The tour ” Fire and sword-the conquest of the Prussians by the Teutonic order” will allow you to touch the early pages of the history of our region — the arrival of the Teutonic Order to the lands of the Prussians in the 13th century. This is a tragic story of the forced Christianization of the union of the Baltic and Slavic tribes who lived on this land “from the mouth of the Vistula and the mouth of the Neman”, later called the Prussians.
We will walk through the cute town of Mamonovo earlier, Heiligenbeil. It was founded by the Teutonic order in 1310, on the site of a Prussian fortress Sventopil. We will walk along the “Trace in history” alley in honor of the great people who visited Heiligenbail at different times, on the preserved section of the ancient street. You will see the ruins of the city wall more than 700 years old-a unique monument of cultural heritage of the Kaliningrad region-the only wall with a preserved perimeter.
The bright end of the tour will be a visit to Fort No. 11 “Denhoff”, named after a famous German family, the memory of which shone even more brightly in connection with the life of the” red Countess ” Marion Denhoff. Fort No. 11 is the” most complete ” Fort. He almost did not have time to participate in military operations: the First World War did not reach him, and in 1945 the garrison of the fort surrendered almost without a fight 2 days before the capture of Konigsberg

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