Route: Kaliningrad — Zelenogradsk-museum of cats “Murarium” – monument to the cat-park-walk along the promenade-spring with mineral water — Central square-Museum of medieval tortures of the castle “Nesselbek” (16+) — Kaliningrad
Travel to one of the oldest resorts on the Baltic sea coast — Zelenogradsk. The history of Zelenogradsk (formerly Krantz) originates from the Krantakrug Inn (from the Prussian word “Krantas” —rugged outer coast ) and dates back more than two centuries. Numerous boarding houses,medical sanatoriums, beautiful hotels and fashionable private homes have graced the Kranz coast in less than half a century.
During the tour of Zelenogradsk, we will see the architectural appearance of the city, which is quite well preserved from German times. In 1885, a railway was built that connected the sea resort with Koenigsberg. Everything contributed to the fact that the German Krantz became a favorite holiday destination. Traveling through the historical center of the former german resort, you will see the former fashionable hotel “Baltic sea”, where Stolypin stayed with his wife and daughter during his visit to Kranz. In honor of this fact, a memorial plaque was installed on the historic building.
You can also going into the middle ages atmosphere in the castle “Nesselbeck” recreated according to all the canons of medieval architecture. The Museum of medieval torture (16+), located in the tower of the castle, offers to see with your own eyes the history of corporal punishment and the tools of the inquisition. The Museum of medieval torture rightfully occupies an honorable place among the museums of Kaliningrad and is worthy of your attention. Here are the tools that brutally tortured and killed intruders, conspirators and criminals at different times. All the exhibits have been restored based on drawings and other historical documents and allow visitors to get acquainted with how these tools looked many years ago.

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