Route: Kaliningrad-Nizovye-Gvardeysk-Talpaki-Chernyakhovsk-Neman-Sovetsk-Kaliningrad.

The tour “Knight’s castles of East Prussia” is a unique opportunity to see the heritage of the Teutonic order with your own eyes. Striking examples of medieval knightly architecture are scattered throughout the Kaliningrad region.
Amber country has always attracted German soldiers, fascinated, like a beautiful woman, before which it is impossible to resist. Since 1220, the knights of the Teutonic order together with the Polish duke conquered the Prussian possessions, and by 1265, numerous order castles began to appear on these lands. Knight (order) castles are the most significant and spectacular architectural monuments. Castles were most often built on the site of captured Prussian rock-and-earth fortresses, and by the beginning of the 15th century they were already built of stone. All of them were built on a single plan in accordance with the traditions of the late medieval order of Gothic architecture.

You will enjoy a fascinating tour with a tour of castles “Waldau” and “Tapiau” (external examination), visit with a guided tour of the castle Georgenburg, visit the stud farm “Georgenburg”, has a glorious history which dates back to 1377г., when the crusaders and the Teutonic knights began breeding horses in the fortress of Georgenburg, a tour of the castle “Ragnit”, a short walk along the main street of Tilzit (now Sovetsk) and photo-pause at the famous bridge, named in honor of Queen Louise.

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