Route: Fort #3 (with a visit), lyash’s Bunker (with a visit).
During the tour, we will learn the history of the Royal castle with its complex system of underground passages. The castle was connected by secret tunnels to other important sites in the city. We will see firsthand the most powerful fortification that stood guard over the city-Fort No. 3, also full of secrets. Let’s go through the dark labyrinths of its corridors. The Fort is impressive in size — it is the largest of all 15 FORTS in Konigsberg. Let’s go down to the famous lyash bunker, which was included in the history books by the act of the surrender of Konigsberg to the Soviet troops, where the Amber room may be located…

For a more complete immersion in the history of the Royal castle at the end of the tour, we offer to join a virtual walk around The königsberg castle. The Royal castle is currently the world’s largest detailed virtual object that fully corresponds to the historical prototype.

Don’t miss the opportunity to touch the mystical side of Kaliningrad and its legends about the underground Koenigsberg!

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