Once the lands that are part of the Kaliningrad region were part of East Prussia. Their history is rich and diverse, and unique architectural monuments have been preserved in these places. We want to offer you to go on an excursion to the villages of Rodniki, Nizovye and Nekrasovo and feel yourself in the indescribable atmosphere of the middle ages. The ancient Church of Arnau will be the beginning of the tour. The main attraction of the Church is a large number of authentic medieval frescoes of the XIV century. Castle of the Teutonic order of Waldau-continuation of the tour. Most recently, the 750th anniversary of the castle was celebrated. During the tour, you will learn about the rich history of this place, where Tsar Peter I and the Great Moscow ambassadors stayed at the end of the XVII century. Waldau castle is one of the three most well-preserved monuments of castle architecture in Russia. And at the end of the tour, you will visit the ruins of the medieval Schaaken castle, where you will visit the most interesting and unusual Museum of the Inquisition, you can try a treat from the mistress of the castle and take a picture in the image of a knight.

Route: Church of Arnau XIV century. village of Springs (visit) — Waldau castle in the village of Nizovye (visit) — the ruins of the Schaaken castle in the village of Nekrasovo (visit + treat) – nesselbek castle in the village of Orlovka (take a picture on the background).
Duration: 5-6 hours.

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