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Diving in Kaliningrad is a little unusual, but no less interesting than diving in the waters of the Mediterranean.

Everyone can do scuba diving here, from novice to professional. We work with the most famous diving center in Kaliningrad “Demersus”, which was awarded 5 stars. Here you can take scuba diving training and then get an international certificate. In addition, the club is actively engaged in scientific and archaeological research of the Baltic sea, where we invite you.

We offer you to plunge into the beautiful underwater world, where there are still corners of untouched nature, as well as places that keep the memory of shipwrecks, sea battles and natural disasters.

Traveling with us, you have the opportunity to:

— take a dive in the Amber quarry

– go on an expedition to search for sunken ships in the Baltic sea, if you have a certificate

– make a full-fledged Dive tour, which will include training, which is conducted according to the international PADI system, with the mandatory receipt of a certificate that allows you to dive around the world

In the course of training, you will meet new interesting people, share your impressions and learn a lot of interesting things.

Fifty kilometers from Kaliningrad, on the Baltic coast, is the village of Yantarny. The place where more than 90% of the world’s total amber production is extracted. The Germans developed these deposits by mining, but our compatriots were closer to the quarry method. Quarries here are more than 50 meters deep. One of them, after being declared unprofitable, was flooded, resulting in a beautiful lake, on the Bank of which The demersus dive center was located.

During an underwater walk, you can meet a variety of animals: white Cupid, carp, carp, eel, tench, pike, perch and clueless California crayfish (large ones with red claws). Hunting, by the way, is forbidden in the lake, just swim and enjoy the beauty. In the lake you can see an amazing underwater forest of trees overgrown with seashells and algae, find buildings flooded with water, as well as an old road. And if you are lucky, you will return to the shore not empty-handed, but with a wonderful Sunny stone – amber.

In General, the landscape in the lake is very diverse: the forest is replaced by a desert, cut by a concrete road, sharp piles with the ruins of old structures pass into underwater plains, and those, in turn, after the fault turn into underwater dunes. Does not get bored under the water and a lot of artifacts left there at different times by a person.

Since the bottom of the Baltic sea is a desert, the joy of divers is brought only by rakes, of which there are many left around the area after the war. Diving on sunken objects attracts an increasing number of divers around the world. The Baltic sea is no exception. At various times, a huge number of ships sank here. We offer you a German icebreaker, barge and gun tender, a Soviet destroyer, dredger, whaler and trawler. Look at the sunken ships and feel proud of your grandfathers, because most of the ships that were destroyed were the ships of Nazi Germany during the Second world war.

Vessels and boats of different capacities, a guide, equipment and oxygen mixtures, reception, transfer and cultural program — all conditions for excellent diving have already been created.

Come! Don’t forget to bring your camera, it will definitely come in handy.

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